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Frquently Asked Questions
I want to buy tickets. Where do I get them?
You can purchase tickets from our website at: . All of our pre-show purchases are done online. You can purchase tickets at the door 30 minutes before a show. Please contact us with issues at Do not contact the Derry Opera House as they do not handle our ticket sales and can not help you.

When do your seasons begin/end?
Our season runs July 1st through June 30th. We offer 4 full length productions, classes, workshops, camps, and more!

Do I need to be a KCT member to be in your shows?
Yes, to request an audition and to perform in our shows, you must be a current member for that season.

If I missed the deadline to sign up for a show, can I be added?
We announce in advance when the two week window is opening for a show. Once that deadline has passed, we do not allow late sign ups. Certain shows are beyond filled and require a lottery, so we do not allow it. Exception to the rule would be if there is an issue on our end with dates or info, however computer website or glitches are not considered an exception. KCT recommends signing up as soon as possible to allow time in case something goes wrong. If you are having issues, you will need to contact KCT immediately to get them sorted out at

If I am not a member when the two week window to sign up starts, can I still request an audition?
Possibly....this varies from show to show. Many shows will give you one week past the two week window opening to become a member. This info will be sent out and shown on the website. If you do not become a member by this deadline, your membership will begin for the next show in that season. If a show requires you to be a member at the start of the two week window, late joining will also be started on the next show of the season.

If I became a member for the summer show, can I be in the fall show?
No, the summer show is the last show of the season. You will need to renew your membership before the two week window of the fall show

How old do you have to be to participate in a KCT show?
KCT is open to kids 8 to 18 years of age. They must be 8 before the audition of the show. We have expanded to 19 for our 2021-2022 season, in an effort to support our graduated Seniors who missed out on opportunities during the pandemic.

What is a KCT lottery?
If a show holds a lottery, that means that the number of members who signed up exceed the maximum number needed for that specific show. The number of kids taken is decided by the directing team, the KCT board, the range suggested by the show's license holder, and the space used for rehearsals and performances. Those selected in the lottery will be given a spot in the show and assigned an audition time.

Why does KCT hold a lottery?
KCT believes that every child should have a chance to perform on stage. Because of this belief, we do not use auditions to decide who is in and out of a specific show, but rather to see where they best fit in the show. Every member who is picked in the lottery is guaranteed an audition and a role in that specific production.

In a quick summary, how does the lottery work?
Once the deadline has passed to sign up and request an audition for the show, the KCT board will meet if there needs to be a lottery. Casting sheets are printed for each child and are grouped in piles based on the needs of the show (varies each time) i.e. boys and girls, age ranges, new and seasoned veterans of stage. In a highly technical and scientific method, KCT board members will pick from a shuffled pile (that is upside down) and choose the children who are in the show. This high tech method keeps things fair and equal. The KCT board also tries its best to get a good mix of every age range and ratios of boys and girls to the number that have signed up.

Are there exceptions in the lottery pics?
The KCT board tries to keep everything fair, and to our best ability, we try to allow each member at least one show to be in per season. While this may not happen other than extreme cases, we try to avoid lotterying (is that even a real word?) out a member more than once per season (July to June). If someone was lotteried out in the fall show, and they sign up for the winter or spring, we will try our best to pull them from the lottery and let them in automatically. If a member has been out due to lottery, then in a show, they will become eligible to be in the lottery again (if one is held)

Will the lottery results be posted or announced?
No, the lottery results are not made public however each member is contacted with the outcome. Numbers in the lottery (i.e. total amount of kids, # kids cut, etc) will also not be made public.

I have three children who want to be in KCT. Do I need a membership for each?
No, your KCT membership covers all immediate family members.

I have three children who want to be in a show. Do I need to pay a production fee for each?
Yes, while Membership covers the entire family, each cast member pays a production fee to be in a show. Families with multiple children in a show will receive a tiered discount.

When do summer camp signups start?
2022 Summer Camp registration will begin in September 2021! We will take a maximum of 30 campers per session.

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