Kids Coop Theatre Providing a venue for children to showcase their abilities as
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Volunteer (Coop) Opportunities
Each family is required to volunteer a minimum of 10 hours for the first child and 5 hours for each additional child in the same production.
There are many ways to fulfill that requirement:
Chairperson (Fulfills Coop Requirement): Works with the Director to understand the creative vision for the show. Designs sets, obtains material as necessary (within budget), and supervises construction, painting and moving.
Movers (Actual Hours Worked): No experience or artistic skill necessary – just a willingness to work with your hands (and get a little dirty!) Artistic skill sometime required for detail work.
Chairperson (Fulfills Coop Requirement): Works with the Director to understand costume requirements. Supervises the design and construction of costumes using existing costumes as much as possible, or borrows or purchases (within budget) costume pieces when necessary.
Costume Assistants (Fulfills Coop Requirements): Creates costumes for each cast member (Fu. Ability to sew is helpful but not always necessary.
Props Chairperson (Fulfills Coop Requirement): Works with Director to understand prop needs for the show. Finds or creates props using existing material or borrows or purchases (within budget) necessary props. Being “crafty” usually helps in this position.
Props Assistant (Actual Hours Worked): Helps Prop Master create or find props for the show.
Chairperson (Fulfills Coop Requirements): Leads all marketing and community outreach activities including writing and distributing press releases, inviting reporters to Press Day and coordinating Press Day activities, distributing posters, obtaining Playbill ads from local businesses.
Publicity Team (Actual Hours Worked): Distributes posters, collects Playbill ads, and supports Press Day activities.
CHAPERONES (Actual Hours Worked)
Chaperones are responsible for the safety of the cast and ensuring that the rules of KCT’s Cast Code of Conduct are followed during all rehearsals and performances. Must arrive 10 minutes before rehearsal start to check in cast and stay until all cast members have checked out.
Chairperson (Fulfills Coop Requirement): Coordinates donations from local businesses and/or cast families. Keeps track of inventory and requests additional donations or purchases items to ensure that there is enough for each show. Sets up and breaks down concession area with help. Supervises Concessions sales at each performance. Responsible for getting cash to Treasurer after each performance.
Concession Sales (1 hour/show): Helps to set up and clean concession area, stock concession table, and serve patrons during intermission.
Chairperson (5 hours): Creates Fan Mail (a card with candy attached) that patrons can buy to send a message to cast and crew. Must arrive 45 minutes before show. Supervise Fan Mail sales during performances. Deliver Fan Mail to Green Room after intermission. Responsible for getting cash to Treasurer after each show.
Fan Mail Sales (1 hour/show): This is a good job for siblings of cast members if an adult supervises then. Carries baskets of Fan Mail through lobby and house before show and during intermission selling for $1. Collects money and completed Fan Mail and returns to the Chairperson.
Chairperson: Works with Treasurer to organize pre-paid tickets. Arrives 90 minutes before performances to set up ticket table. Sells tickets via cash, check, and credit card starting one hour before performance. Gets cash, etc to Treasurer immediately after each start of show.
Ticket Sales (1 hour/show): Assists Chairperson with sale of tickets starting 1 hour before performance.
USHERS (2 hours/show)
Work with House Manager to prepare the theater for the show, take tickets, provide assistance, smile and welcome the audience. Keep track of seating and notify House Manager. Monitor rules during performance and intermission. Check bathrooms for cleanliness and stock before and after the show. Arrive one hour before the show; meet with House Manager to go over Opera House Rules and Fire Regulations; White shirts and black pants preferred. Stand in the back of the house/balcony during show or purchase a ticket to sit in the audience.
HOUSE MANAGER (Fulfills Coop Requirement)
During performances, the House Manager keeps track of everything that happens on the audience's side of the curtain, including box office activity, seating, and letting the stage manager know when the audience is ready for the performance to begin. If someone in the audience has a complaint or becomes ill, ushers alert the house manager - who will call 911 if needed.
STAGE MANAGER & CREW (Fulfills Coop Requirement)
Stage Manager: The SM manages the Stage Crew and is responsible for everything behind the curtain. Coordinates with the House Manager to order curtain up/down and with Technical staff to ensure all sound and lighting are on cue. Must be able to attend several rehearsals prior to Tech Week and ALL of Tech Week rehearsals and performances.
Stage Crew: Prepares backstage for performances. Moves set pieces in between scenes. Must arrive 1 hour before performances, attend all Tech Week rehearsals and performances. This job is usually done by teens at least 15 years old. Younger teens may be approved by the Producer.
Organizes cast party including communicating details to cast and requesting food, etc. Purchases supplies within budget set by Producer.
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