Kids Coop Theatre Providing a venue for children to showcase their abilities as
actors, with the knowledge that the only way children can
soar is by giving them the opportunity to spread their wings
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Fee Policies:
  • Production Fee:
    The Production Fee is charged to help offset production costs which are generally in the $13,000 range. The Fee is $150 for the first actor in a family; $100 for the second actor; and $80 for the third actor (and any subsequent actors). The fee includes a T-shirt for each actor. Extra T-shirts for parents or other family members may be purchased for $20 each.

  • Co-op Fee:
    KCT is a "cooperative" organization which means that we rely heavily on our members to do most of the jobs that need to be done to produce a show. Family participation helps to keep production fees and ticket prices low while ensuring the high quality of our productions. To ensure family participation, a check for $150 per family "co-op" fee is required at the time of casting. The co-op check will not be cashed and will be returned upon completion of all of your co-op hours, participation in "strike", and the safe return of any librettos/vocal books.

  • Refunds:
    If an actor withdraws from a production between Casting Day and the first rehearsal, the Production Fee less $15 will be refunded. No refunds will be made on or after the date of the first rehearsal. The Co-op Fee is always refundable upon withdrawal from the show, or completion of the required volunteer hours, participation in theatre strike, and the safe return of any vocal books/librettos. The annual Membership Fee of $30 is not refundable.

Note: We are committed to giving all children an opportunity to participate in a KCT show regardless of their ability to pay. Any family experiencing financial hardship is invited to confidentially petition KCT’s Board of Directors for consideration for financial assistance (subject to availability). You may send your request to
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