Kids Coop Theatre Providing a venue for children to showcase their abilities as
actors, with the knowledge that the only way children can
soar is by giving them the opportunity to spread their wings
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Be in a Show!
Being part of a Kids Coop Theatre show is lots of fun. Here’s how to get started:
Become a Member
An annual family membership is $30 and runs from July 1st to June 30th. You can join at any time throughout the year. There is an additional Production Fee for each show you are cast in.

Only members can be cast in our shows. While you may not be cast in every show, you are guaranteed to be cast in at least one show per year.
Click Here to join or renew your membership.
Audition for a Show
Members may request an audition for any or all of our shows. If you receive a casting time, you are guaranteed to be in the cast.

If we receive more requests than we can accommodate, we will hold a lottery to determine who will get an audition time. Anyone "lotteried out" of a show, is guaranteed to cast in the next show for which they request an audition.
Click Here for more audition information.
Commit to the Show
Being part of a Kids Coop production is a big commitment for both actor and family. We rehearse for 10 hours per week for about 10 weeks. Actors must attend all rehearsals for which they are "called", and all performances.

We insist that all members demonstrate respectful and responsible behavior at all times. All cast and their parents sign the Cast Code of Conduct.
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As a cooperative, parent involvement is extremely important to bringing each show to life. Parents are required to volunteer at least 10 hours for the first cast member in the family, plus 5 hours for each additional family member in the cast.

There are many ways that parents and family members can. You don’t need experience for most jobs; just be willing to learn.
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